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04/13/2009    WHY JUST PAYPAL?

Why just PayPal?

Some time ago we were notified by Verisign that our dedicated credit card payment processing service would be acquired by PayPal. Yes PayPal. What to do?? We maintained Verisign to be a completely seperate and independent form of payment from PayPal so that people would have a choice and those who don't think PayPal is any good would have their alternative. Faced with maintaining a duplicate system with no financial benefit we have abandoned our Verisign payment option. This is effective immediately. You will notice all the pages that require payment have be altered. Please let us know if you have any issues.

For those of you still reading, here is the deal. In order to maintain Verisign/PayPal payments via our pages cost money. Lots of money. It has become glaringly apparent that it doesn't matter who processes your cards really. We as a merchant are still charged for giving you the option to use a credit card or paypal transaction. On the backend of the transaction you really don't even know who is processing your card anymore. You may avoid PayPal and still be using PayPal. When you use Verisign you are using PayPal. Also remember that you don't even have to have a PayPal account to process your credit card... so as a consumer it is still the safest way to process a card if you must.

This is where I defend PayPal. Credit cards are a flawed system. It's a weak, vunerable, and antiquated system from the 70's that many merchants and consumers have paid dearly for over these many years. Until the PayPal process was devised there was no way to avoid the o'mighty card and it's vunerabilities when trying to acquire something online. The PayPal process is sound and deserves a closer look if your still on the fence.


Clantoolz 2.05 Released

Hey all,
We put a new version of Clantoolz onto the production servers today!
We're up to Version 2.05

In this release we have included:

Flash Intro or Image Splash page is now available! In the Admin section, Intro Page Configuration you'll find options for selecting either a Flash or Image as your intro page.

Left & Right column widths are now adjustable as well! Look in the Admin section, in Main Site Configuration and you'll find a Left Column Width, and Right Column Width. This corresponds to the widths of the left and right columns on the home page.

As well as a few minor bug fixes.... Enjoy!

11/05/2006    XCode Feature Available
  Get yourself familiar with this icon!

We have a NEW FEATURE to explore... The XCODE button is now available.

Code posting couldn't be easier. Just copy and paste that javascript, html, or xcode from your favorite website right into a infobox or new page posting and let her rip. No need to edit your code to satisfy text post formatting that can destroy even the simplest of scripts. That is now a thing of the past.

Find out all about this new feature in our resource forum at:

9/16/2005    iGames Magazine Article
iGames Magazine distributed by was good enough to have one of their Game Center reporters review our service.... and man what a review!

   Whether you are a member of an online gaming clan or just want to start up a point of contact and communication for gamers that you play online with, this is the place....
....The many features, support and easy layout make this website for clans a winner. At only $10.00 a month, you should have no trouble getting other members in your group to pony up such a small amount of pesos. A +

Full Article By Michael "El Whappo" Gruich, Gamerz Island

Pick up your copy at a local game center near you. Check iGames for a game center near you.
If yours doesn't have iGames Magazine, let them know about