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CS:GO ESL 5on5 Community Challenge Season 2 #6
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 Any Spare Hardware?
 Posted by Hussler on 26 June 2014 At 00:38:18, 5 Comments
Hi all,

Beats suggested it as we were talking earlier - as I'm thinking of upgrading my PC. Naturally, funds are tighter as it goes towards my PhD mostly - and so thought it might be worth an ask around our resident technologists as to whether there were any bits of hardware going spare?

Not a problem if there aren't, I'm trying to work towards the following:

i3/i5 processor
8-16GB RAM
And a new motherboard compatible with the above.

Be grateful to hear from you - or if you can point me to where it'll be cheapest, that'd be quality. Had a look at generic bundles and they come in for about £300+ and that's without the SSD...

So help a hardworking student out please!

Big love,

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 Anyone have an Office 2003 installation disk?
 Posted by Hussler on 02 March 2013 At 00:26:06, 4 Comments
Dear all,

My version has a random error and I needed to reinstall - have a license key, just need the disk!

Be much obliged if anyone can help me out
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 YUK Woe.
 Posted by GiTβ„’ on 25 January 2013 At 20:01:54, 4 Comments
I come back for a game and PING goes bat **** crazy.

70-200 odd, it's like a camera lens!

Other CS:S servers though... 20-30ms odd.

What be occurring you sexy lot!?
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 AHCI - SSD switching after install
 Posted by Private PANIC!!! on 24 November 2012 At 20:16:03, 8 Comments
RickOShea, I googled it and you can switch to AHCI after install with WIN 7 with a little tweak to the registry


Cheers for tipping me off in the right direction.

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 Molotov changes
 Posted by atticusfinch on 16 November 2012 At 10:18:42, 7 Comments
There's been a patch to GO today, and the most interesting changes are to molotovs:

- Fire devices have been modified ( Molotovs and incendiary grenades ):
- Fire can now be extinguished by smoke grenades and deployed smokes now deny fire device detonation and spreading.
- Fire now spreads a bit faster and not quite as far.
- Fire "tagging" slowdown has been removed.
- Adjusted fire armor penetration value.

The smoke change is interesting, it's hard to know how that'll turn out without actually playing.

Removing the slow effect means mollys won't be as useful in stopping a rush in progress; throwing it where you know a couple of guys are running will mean they'll just jog on through. But I guess now they'll be used more pre-emptively to cut off an area for a time, like short or on top of the bomb, so enemies have to calculate whether the dmg is worth it or they can afford to wait.
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Events happening today:
   CS:GO ESL 5on5 Community Challenge Season 2 #6

de_dust2 * de_inferno de_mirage de_nuke de_cache de_overpass de_cobblestone

More details to come.

Posted by Hussler6 comments

   In Clan CSGO 1st September de_overgrown
9.00pm start, be on the server and in TS for 8.50 if you want to play.

Please don't ask to join or accept any invitations after that time as picking will of started and will only cause disruption.

This weeks map is de_overgrown
Lets be on time and have FUN !!!

Posted by Hussler0 comments

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Nice web site cool work keep up it
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You guys getting a CS:GO server on
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Hello guys
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